Indian Institution of Bridge engineers is now 25 years old. Before IIBE, the bridge engineers had noexclusive forum to exchange ideas and knowledge of bridge engineering. We have Institution of engineers which is congomerate of all engineering. civil engineering division is quite important but it caters all branches and rarely technical programme for bridge engineers are held.

Engineering is considered as one part of larger topic of roads and Highways. Indian Railways give considerable importance to Bridge engineering and number of technical programs are held but only for the Railway engineers. but now Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers had provided exclusive platform to Bridge Engineers for dissimination of knowledge / new developments in Bridge engineering to all Bridge Engineers.


  • Bridging the Gaps - Inter-Continent & Intra-Continent
  • Building Bridges of Camaraderie, Understanding, Friendship and Co-operation among Engineers not only of India but of the World


  • 33 state & local centres spread all over India.
  • 6300 individual memebers spread all over India and in many countries around the world.
  • 169 Institutional Members
  • 29,200 pages of Technical Literature published by IIBe in 25 Years since inception.
  • Held Ten Most Outstanding Bridge National Award competitions annually & awarded trophies in glittering functions.